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“EMMI IIDA Shares Glossy Pop Album ‘The Eye’. You can hear aspects of Lana Del Rey in there, with EMMI IIDA’s hushed odyssey presenting a vast gift of ideas.”


Finland-born pop voyager EMMI IIDA has shared new album ‘The Eye’.

The songwriter embraced music as a child, and never looked back. It’s been her lens to view the world through, a means for her to fully explore and process her emotions.

Though her style has shifted and altered, the essence of it remains the same – a space for EMMI IIDA to be true to herself. Out now, new album ‘The Eye’ epitomises this, with its often ruthlessly autobiographical lyricism accompanied by beautiful pop melodies.

You can hear aspects of Lana Del Rey in there, with EMMI IIDA’s hushed odyssey presenting a vast gift of ideas.

She comments: “Making this album has been a healing journey for me. Losing a baby girl four years ago to divorcing last year, being a channel for these songs has helped me navigate life and alchemizing these setbacks into something beautiful and finding hope, happiness and that overpouring flow of love.”

Based in Finland, EMMI IIDA is a multi-talented visual artist, holistic interior architect & musician. EMMI IIDA has received support from distinguished publications and stations such as METAL MagazineCLASH MagazineNOCTIS MagEarmilkBBC 6’s Craig CharlesRTÉ 2FM, as well as securing her an interview with MTV Finland.

Born in Hollola, Finland, EMMI IIDA began playing the piano at 5 years old. She spent her early years in a musical elementary school, singing in a choir and in an acapella band, performing her first solo in front of a crowd at 9. This early exposure to music had her singing in front of the TV and making her own songs constantly. In her search to continually create and express in unlimited forms, she founded her own company EFG Productions Oy, as well as EFG Records Oy, a record label focusing on drawing out holistic wellbeing with healing frequencies.

‘Higher Self’ takes you on a meditative journey with EMMI IIDA’s smooth calming vocals; the song truly does take you to a higher place. Peachkit provides a sultry, meditative rap verse that harmoniously blends the soothing power of meditation with the rhythmic flow of rap music all while inspiring the listener to reach their highest potential.

EMMI IIDA had this to say about ‘Higher Self’ “What if you keep worrying for your past, living in the past, wondering if there’s no point in life, only failure? What if nothing seems to make sense, just mistakes after mistakes? Your inner self, your higher self, comes to remind you that those experiences and so called failures are all moulding you, preparing you to be ready for the future you who you will become when you continue listening to your gut feelings, things that excite you, following in the path of your dreams. ‘HigherSelf’ is about the connection with the divine, balancing the frequencies of our crown chakra, finding that oneness within.” 



“After listening to one of EMMI IIDA’s tracks for the first time, you’ll instantly be in awe of the ethereal quality of her sound. She graces each composition with soothing, calming vocals that spell you into a hypnotic state. Her soundscapes are opulent, eclectic and wonderfully eccentric, as she tunes out poignant lyricism unravelling layers of spirituality and existence, all to a production filled with pulsating synths and spacey melodies.”


“In her latest work, ‘Trinity,’ Iida showcases a mesmerizing and experimental evolution in her musical repertoire, skilfully fusing avant-pop elements with her distinctive ethereal sound.”


“Built on pulsating synths, deep beats and nuanced vocals, the track is spacey and sexy as it is eclectic and eccentric.”


“EMMI IIDA Soars To Her Best On ‘Blooming’”

– CLASH Magazine

“The Hollola-born artist now presents a beautifully ambient track with an amazing atmosphere.”

METAL Magazine

“Listening to EMMI IIDA, you will observe her soft yet educating and empowering wordplay that aims to inspire and uplift”

NOCTIS Magazine



(Emmi Iida, Jessica Sharman, 2023)

I wish you were here baby, are you here?

I can feel you near, baby, say you’re near

Wish I could hold you, hold you tight

I already miss you, do you know I’m

Feeling down, down

For you, feeling down

Down, for you

You don’t have to fear, ever fear because

I’ll never leave your side, I’ll be close enough

To never let go, of your body, your heart

You’re the one that I chose I’m your Northern Star

Wishing love, love

Only love, I am

With you, from above

Looking down, down

At you now, with

Love, love only love

Every night when you are afraid

I’ll shine my light so you’ll see the way

Borrow my wings, when it’s hard to fly

I promise I’ll always give you my

Love, love

Only love, forever with

You, from above

Looking down, down

At you now, with

Love, love only love



“It’s not just society that wants to define us and put us in a tiny box. Sometimes we are the ones building that box around us. Creating those limiting beliefs and victim mentality of why something is not possible for us, and others have it easier and we just need to suffer. 

Being in that box, that limited mindset and lack mentality may bring us the illusion of being safe by being hidden, of being forced to live this life according to your current circumstances, copying our previous day to our next day on autopilot… and yet we get frustrated and anxious when life doesn’t go according to our desires.

But what if we are missing life’s greatest miracles by staying in that tiny box? What if there was something way greater unfolding if we just stepped out of our own way, out of that box, if we surrendered to the flow of the Universe and its higher plan for us, by listening to our whispering intuition and following our deepest calling?

When we have the courage to trust life, to trust the Universe and feel safety and security in knowing that it will always support us, we have the freedom to truly live. We have the freedom to enjoy each current moment, being conscious of our thoughts, our behavior and our actions and how we reflect our inner peace in our outer life, leading us living our life to the fullest.

And don’t get me wrong, it’s not pretty to go through the process of getting out of that box. Our patterns and behaviours get on our way, the opinions and judgement by others try to stop us, we question our deepest desires and if any of the changes make any sense. It all can get messy and ugly getting out of that box, but you just need to get straight through it and trust that the right path will unfold. And believe me, it will be better than you ever thought was possible.

When we accept that we always have the support of the higher plan, and respond to situations with a grateful mind, from a place of peace, we can start feeling that happiness in the smallest of moments, celebrate the smallest and biggest wins and failures, and find joy in attracting the right things for us when the timing is right.

‘Box’ is for the solar plexus chakra, to unleash our inner fire and willpower, and to pull ourselves out of that limiting mental box and the victimhood.”